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    Agnieszka Kaczorowska – actress, the most popular dancer in Poland, winner of the World Youth Latin Championships. One of the leading dancers in the “Dancing with the Stars” TV show. One of the most popular stars present in the media, her popularity is on the rise along with her advertising value.

    She has created the “DANCEWORLD by Agnieszka Kaczorowska” project which was officially launched in 2016.

    Acting and dancing exercises

    Acting and dancing exercises – stories told through dance and emotions. Each presents a different tale and a different dancing style. The stories can be viewed on YouTube.

    After collaboration is started, the next stories are developed on the basis of the suggestions and needs of the project partner to achieve the specific marketing goals.

    Proposed forms of collaboration:

    • quarterly package sponsoring (3 stories);
    • sponsoring 1 story;
    • product placement in the story;
    • advertising spots before the story.

    Dance workshops for children and teenagers

    Meetings with children all over Poland, in schools, orphanages, dancing schools and clubs, culture centres. Each meeting includes talking with the Star, dance workshops, photo sessions, giving autographs. Meetings are related on Agnieszka’s blog or available on YouTube.

    Proposed forms of collaboration:

    • sponsoring the trips;
    • sponsoring the production;
    • sponsoring gifts for children;
    • product placement;
    • media patronage.

    Dance shows and event hosting

    Agnieszka Kaczorowska can perform a great dance show at a business party, picnic, ball or motivational meeting.

    The dance show is offered in four options (basic, silver, gold and gold+). Each is a full set prepared individually for every company on the basis of its profile and core business, dedicated to specific topics or persons.

    If you want your guests/employees to remember the event for a very long time, please contact us: PR&Management, Renata Rogólska renata@blogstar.pl

    Looking forward to doing business with you

    Manager - Renata Rogólska

    Mobile 787752172